SeaChelle's, LLC. - PAPERWORK - Bradenton, FL
Please print out the paperwork below,  fill them out,  and bring them to your appointment.

 All Paperwork is the property of SeaChelle's, LLC. Only clients from the above representative may  make copies. All others can and will be sued.

Permanent Make-up Paperwork              

1 Pre.pdf (PDF — 287 KB)


PMU Paperwork 1.pdf (PDF — 790 KB)

Areola Paperwork

`Breast Paperwork.pdf (PDF — 1 MB)

Minor Consent Forms:

  Form for minors age 16-17.
It must be notarized by a parent or guardian.

    By  law, only someone with a  medical  license  can  tattoo a minor under the age of 16.
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