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(Pictures show the before, immediately after the procedure, and the healed results. Colors will look intense until they fully heal.)

Some Insurance carriers are accepted! Call or text for information: (941) 348-1933 or email:

CLIENTS DECIDE THE COLOR, SHAPE, AND POSITION. If needed, Michelle has many years of experience and can help you decide. She will first draw on a template before starting. Needles will never penetrate deep enough to penetrate implants. It is a very comfortable experience, however, numbing cream is available. Aftercare: you can still wear a bra and do your normal day-to-day activities. The only restrictions are: no swimming/submersing in water or sweating excessively. 

Services Offered:
*3 Dimensional Areolas/Nipples
*Bilateral: color and detail to give the illusion of a natural areola on two sides. 
*Unilateral: color and detail to give the illusion of a natural areola on one side to match the natural areola. 

*Corrections on shape, size, and color.
*Experienced with and without reconstructed nipples. 
*Experienced with Compromised Skin 
* Some Scars can be corrected or reduced in appearance.


Sisters in Scars is a support group by and for breast cancer survivors and previvors. In addition to supporting each other, we also meet each year for a special retreat where we love and enjoy one another. During the retreat, I volunteer my time and tattoo the ladies' Areolas along with my friend, Pam Winnie (a fellow survivor/permanent makeup specialist). We encourage all breast cancer survivors and previvors to join us!

Find more information here: www.

I blew the horn for to start the fishing event to raise money for breast cancer.

This is me giving a speech at the "Hooked on Hope" breast cancer fundraiser event.

Article written by Mary Ostien, BS

Article on tattoo a​artists and plastic surgeons tattooing Areolas:

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