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                                      Michelle absolutely IS "The Best" - a true artist!!! I would LOVE to be able to rate her higher than just 5 stars - she deserves at least 500!! I cannot say enough about her & her expertise. She makes you feel extremely comfortable, uses the best numbing cream (there's honestly NO pain), explains everything as she works her magic and just totally puts you at ease. In addition to being such a talented artist, she is also a very wonderful, caring, compassionate & kind person who cares about everybody she meets. I love everything she's done for me & cannot recommend her highly enough! Schedule an appointment with Michelle today - I guarantee you will be as thrilled as I am with the results. Cheryl L.

Michelle is awesome. As a survivor she understands the need to feel as though we are complete and she works with the local reconstruction surgeons to make this happen.
The 3D tattoos ARE AWESOME and amazingly looking real!  Theresa 

She is a perfectionist and I would highly recommend! My husband and I could not be happier with the work that she had done. My nipples and areola area look great as she even helped me to cover up an indentation that was unsightly due to surgery. She is a sister survivor of cancer also and is so sweet,kind and professional. Her facility is impeccable as well as her work. Some of her work such as this may be reimbursed for various insurance companies and she even goes out of her way to help you obtain all the paperwork and she shows you how to file it. I am in the process of trying to get reimbursed from my insurance ,but like I said many people are reimbursed for the reconstruction of the breast area due to cancer reconstruction acts.I could not say kinder things about her and most definitely would suggest and do suggest her to everyone I come in contact with. When you go through the tragedy of cancer she some how makes you feel whole again . Thanks again Michelle! Kim

The best!!!☺️ Leidi

Having thin eyebrows, I decided to have my eyebrows tattooed.
I had a consultation with Michelle at SeaChelle’s LLC in Sarasota,Fla..

We had a consultation where we discussed my expectations and of the procedure and settled on a color to use. Michelle explained to me she will apply a numbing cream to my brows and that the procedure would be painless. The only discomfort I would feel would be a little bit of tenderness where she would have to keep wiping over the brows as she worked.
Michelle drew my brows on with a black pencil to determine the shape. Once we were both happy that the shape was perfect she began to tattoo my brows. After the tattoo was over Michelle made sure that I was happy with the results and advised me on the aftercare and gave me a healing balm to apply on my brows throughout the healing period.
Four weeks later I went back for a color touchup.
I love my new brows and was so pleased I’d taken the plunge and had them done. It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Lyndy
Michelle is professional and dedicated to her work and will make sure that she does a perfect job.
Thank you Michelle for doing such an amazing job! Lyndy

Michelle is a pro at her art. My brows look so very natural and I wake each day knowing I no longer have to Draw on my brows! Let me add, Michelle is an excellent artist but her personality and kindness make her a triple win. Cynthia


                                         My hair stroke eyebrows look amazing thanks to Michelle. Thank you for the amazing job. I am so happy that I chose you to work the magic. I will highly recommend your work ! #eyebrows.on.fleek Hilda. F

                                         Got my areola tats last week. Michelle is an Angel..... Without her and her program I would not have been able to receive this gift. As a Breast Cancer survivor I am one pleased chick! Thank u Michelle!!!!Tina G.

                                         Michelle really is the best. Before going to her I looked at every portfolio that I could find online--even across the pond, Her portfolio was the best, by far. She is excellent! Michelle is very professional, listening to what the client wants and delivering to perfection every time! She takes pride in her work, but does not brag, boast or put others down. Michelle is too professional and down to earth for that. She is an excellent artist and a terrific human being! Anne-Marie F.

                                        I wish I could give Michelle more stars. She truly is an artist. She did microbladed eyebrows for me and I'm in love with the results so far. She took so much time to make sure I would be happy and to make sure I got a look that I loved. She's one of the sweetest people ever too, so that's a serious plus. Elizabeth E.

                                        Michelle!Michelle!! Thank you for displaying such patience, professionalism, and excellence in my permanent makeup journey! I wasn't even nervous because it got lost in your experience and confidence which confirmed I was in the right place with the right person!

I love my eyebrows! Thanks again ! Stacee T.

                                     I came to Michelle with sparse and uneven eyebrows. I now have beautiful brows that make me so much more confident and certainly speeds up my makeup application time every day. I no longer have to try to draw in brows that never looked natural. Michelle takes so much time with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. She is a perfectionist and that is just what I was looking for. She's so relaxing and makes sure you are comfortable. Michelle is awesome and highly recommended. Sandy L.

                                     Michelle is hands down the most kind and professional permanent make-up artist in Bradenton area that I know. She really takes the time to listen to your needs & wants. Michelle also gives you her professional advice to make sure you only get what is best for your needs. She has worked on myself (eyebrows), 2 family members ( eyebrows,eyeliner,& lips) and a friend (eyebrows). I would give more than 5 's if I could. I highly recommend SeaChelle's. You won't be disappointed! Artelia G.

                                       Several years ago I lost my eyebrows and had a woman who put on thin and very high brows on me. Well, after you get permanent makeup there's not much you can do. Years later I thought maybe a really good permanent makeup artist could fix them. Well after months of research, I found Michelle at Seachelle's Permanent Makeup. I truly believe she has changed my life. I now have more confidence and get tons of compliments on my brows. Michelle is totally professional but more than that, I think she is one of the most special people I have come across in a long time. She has the biggest heart and really just cares about her customers. She explains everything to you in a way that sets you at ease. Her talent is unbelievable. Even my sister who lives up north would only trust Michelle. Michelle could change your life for the better for sure. Don't let bad brows get you down. Go to Michelle and let her bring out the best in you. You won't be sorry. Jill S.

                                           Michelle has done my lips, upper eye liner, and lower eye liner. I feel blessed to have met her. I'm naturally blonde with light blue eyes. Translation: I always looked tired. Michelle and I met a couple of times before she did my permanent make up. I was so scared. She talked to me about how everything felt. She talked to me about colors. She talked to me about the shape of me face. She even talked to me about my cycle, because there's more pain involved around that time of the month.

                                          I have no idea why I was afraid. I didn't feel anything she did. Nothing! My eyes look super bright now, after choosing the correct shape and color for the liner. Even when I'm tired, I don't look tired! It's a huge change! I'm so much more confident. 

                                         I've never worn lipstick. I'm a chapstick kinds of girl. Lipstick tastes awful. My lips were more pale than the rest of my skin. Now my lips have an amazing matte color. A little bit of chapstick is the shine my lips need for a night out. She stayed until after 10 pm to get my lips done just right.

Next will be my brows... I'll keep you updated! Misty M.

                                         Michelle is truly a professional. She did my brows, eyeliner, and lips. In addition to helping mother nature make a more beautiful face, she also has a heart for breast cancer survivors. Her work is excellent and you should make your appointment NOW! Melissa C.

                                          I am a very satisfied client of Michelle's! I barely had any brows left until i visited Michelle. Now I have the most beautiful, natural looking brows ever. Honestly, nobody knows they are permanent tattoos unless I tell them myself. She is very professional , cautious and so compassionate with all of her many clients. I have sent many friends and clients of my own to her. They can't believe how wonderful she is. I definitely recommend her to everyone! Most certainly the best in her profession. Carol L.

                                        OMG... I am so grateful to have found Michelle. She is an awesome artist. She first tattooed my eyeliner which another tattooist botched up. They came out beautiful! Then my brows...looks like real hair. And, last but certainly not least, my lips...amazing! I have always been self-conscious about my small lips. I have included pictures to show the amazing transformation. People actually stop and compliment me. When I tell them it's permanent makeup they always find it hard to believe.

If you are even slightly considering permanent makeup, I strongly suggest you talk to Michelle... She takes her time, never rushed and walks you through every step. Donna H.

                                        There is no one I would trust to do my permanent makeup other than Michelle. I got my eyebrows microbladed and they are nothing short of perfection! She always gives you proper expectations and is a true professional! I refer all of my family, friends and clients to her. A TRUE ARTIST!!! Thank you again Michelle you have made my morning routine so smooth!!!! Love!!! Love!! Love!!! Kim L.

                                         Had my lips and eyeliner done by Michelle, each time she discuss the color and the reason for the color. She explained the process and what I should expect during and after each process. Both my sister have gone to her to have their eyebrows done.


                                        I had a great experience with SeaChelle's permanent makeup. My eyeliner looks great! She blended the colors perfectly... I am planning to get more work done and have referred several people to her. She is very professional and knowledgeable. Faith S.

                                        I had my brows, eyeliner, and lips done by Michelle. She is the best! She takes her time, so patient and explains in detail, everything - is a perfectionist which in this profession is a great thing!

I am so happy with my results! Wake up beautiful-swimming-working out...always beautiful!

If you are thinking about permanent makeup I would highly recommend Seashell's Permanent Makeup by Michelle!! Very reasonable too!! Megan M.

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